Twisted Fairytales

What is « Twisted Fairytales » ? 

Quite simple to answer in fact:
It’s an art exhibition (illustrations to be precise) made by a Belgian artist : Me (Obsydienn) ! 

It took me a really long time to decide myself to make this exhibition come true. In fact, almost ten years. 
I had a lot of sketches around fairytales in a twisted way, but since I’m an artist, I always depreciated myself and my artwork, so I never found the courage and the energy to work on this seriously.

Until now.

Of course, in ten years, I gained in maturity and experience, and my confidence in my art is good enough to show it to the world... Well, only in Belgium for the beginning ! ^^
But I hope to have the possibility to bring my artwork outside the Belgian’s frontiers.
Maybe with the help of my Patrons !

About the exhibition

My point is to explore different fairytales from my childhood but with my adult point of vue. With my gothic adult point of vue to be exact. 

My intention is to give another perspective of fairytales, sometimes just romantic, sometimes dark, sometimes with something twisted. 
I will sometimes push disturbing aspects of the fairytales in front of the scene : Madness, betrayal, obsession... 

I wish to have between 15 to 20 illustration to show by the end of August, since i’m planning to make the exhibition around October.

Patreon is quite important for me, since it’s a personal projet, so no one will give me money for it (except if people buy my art, but it’s not something I’m counting on). 

Having people support me for each illustration will allow me to :

  • Buy the material for the illustration, but for the exhibition too (like frames)
  • Give more time on my illustrations than searching for work or accepting paid commands (I need to eat sometimes ^^)
  • Offer you rewards, like video tutorials, step by step process tutorials, illustration giveaway, and so on. 

English website ?

It took me quite a long time to decide if I’ll do an english website or a bilingual one. I opted for the english one. 

Why ?
Because I think english is quite universal, and in my mind, art is universal too. I mean... You don’t need to speak the artist’s mother tongue to understand his/her artwork, or at last to appreciate it ! My favorite artists aren’t Belgian, they’re American, French, Russian, Japanese and so on ! Of course, it’s better to have the possibilities to understand what’s they say about their artwork. But most of them speak english in their video or their process tutorials. 

So... I’m doing the same here.